Perfect Greek holiday

July 21, 2016 at 10:00 by Martin Rotter | attached images

Some months ago, me and my family have decided to go to our first real abroad holiday. See all photos attached to this article.

We chose Greece and found interesting offer from travel agency. They said, that our holiday will not be hosted by standard hotel. We will be staying in lonely area, in very small guesthouse-like hotel Marietta Studios. It is located on Zakynthos island, on east side of the island.

Marietta studios

Located in calm and sweet place, Marietta studios were perfect accomodation for us. Particularly for our baby boy who could sleep better. I have to add, that our studio had wery good noise isolation from the outside world because of very good windows and doors. You appreciate this if you don’t like the loud sound made by cicadas.


I have to say that we had all we needed in Marietta studios. Marietta even prepared couple of salads for us. Particularly Briam was perfect, I have never tasted so good salad.

The island

Zakynthos is rather small island so everything is really close, but keep in mind that there are mountains in the middle of the island, reaching nearly to the ocean. That’s why you need car to really explore the island well, I recommend stronger car because hills are really really steep. The island offers many interestings things, from breathtaking sunsets and Kampi area to amazing sea views from hilly roads. Note that traffic is very low throughout the island, but many roads lack proper traffic signs. You often do not know if you are on main road or not.

The weather

We visited Zakynthos during July and it was hot. Each and every day, the temperature rised above 30°C. You could not see a single cloud on the sky. Perhaps the hot weather is the reason why locals rest during the day and smaller local stores & tavernas are close from 8:00 to 18:00. Note that this is not true for bigger shops, they are open all day long.


Zakynthos is an island. Everything transported from mainland is more expensive. All prices, basically, are at least twice as high as in Czech Republic. Some are extremely expensive. You can usually buy Gyros Pita for $2. For example apples are very expensive. On the other hand, quality of offered vegetables and fruits is much better than in Czech Republic.


It was very good holiday, nice balance between price and comfort. We might come back to Zakynthos in the future, we liked it there a lot!

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